Resume Pooler can help you to better prepare for the job you want, and provide the resources you need. We offer a variety of low-cost employment and training services to students and unemployed youth.

Our services range from the essential tools that job seekers need to find a job in today’s workforce to training opportunities, recruitment events, information on community resources and special programs that assist job seekers to overcome employment hurdles.

At Resume Pooler we can provide you with clear and realistic information about your job search because we've been where your employer's been, hiring people like you.

We have designed personalised career services to suit every candidate’s career level and various stages of the job searching and job application process. You can browse through and pick the service that suits you best.

The most important step toward making a good career decision is to understanding your own skills and interests. Resume Pooler provides test’s, to help you learn what skills and interests you possess and what career is best suitable for you.