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Resume Writing

Resume Writing


The job market has changed drastically from just a few years ago. While a resume was once only needed by upper management and executives, today almost everyone needs a resume to job hunt effectively.

The resume has only one purpose . . . to get interviews. A good resume cannot get you a job, but a bad resume or no resume will prevent you from even getting the opportunity to interview. A resume is a marketing tool, plain and simple. Your resume speaks for you when you are not there to talk yourself.

Many companies want you to send your resume in response to an advertisement on the internet or in the newspaper. In order to remain anonymous and avoid a flurry of phone calls, they only list their fax number or an e-mail address. If you do not have a resume you will not be able to respond to these types of advertisements.

Many people think of a resume as a history or summary of their career. This is not quite correct. What makes a well-written resume so effective is that it provides potential employers with relevant information about why they should consider hiring you. An effective resume will show the employer all the benefits they will receive from hiring you.

An effective resume is an investment, whether in the time it takes you to prepare it yourself or if you decide to hire a professional to help you. However, a well-written resume is an investment in your future. Think about the salary you are costing yourself from missed opportunities and failing to convince employers to call you for an interview. A good resume will get you more calls, more interviews and therefore a job much more quickly. A great resume can also convince an employer you are worth more salary!

Here are some key components that make an effective resume:


the process of looking for a job is a sales presentation. You have become a salesperson and the product you are selling is YOU! Any good salesperson will tell you that you have to sell a customer on the benefits they will receive from the product. Your customer, the prospective employer, wants to know how you will return the investment they will make in you as an employee. In other words, don’t just tell them you are organized; tell them you have the ability to bring order to any chaotic situation that will increase the efficiency of the office. Don’t just tell them you are dependable, let them know that you have a spotless record of attendance and you are never late.


One typo or one misspelled word could be the reason that hiring managers are not calling you. Proofread your resume forwards and backwards. Don’t rely on your computer’s spellchecker to catch your errors. Spellcheckers only find misspelled words; they don’t look for misused words. Consistency is very important when creating your document. Attention to detail in your resume communicates to the hiring manager that you pay attention to details in your work.


Templates or cookie cutter resumes are a problem because they look just like everyone else’s resume. What you need is to stand out from the crowd. Remember, a resume’s job is to entice the hiring manager to call you for an interview. Anyone can write a resume for an administrative assistant. What will get your phone ringing for interviews is a resume that tells the hiring manager why YOU are a GREAT administrative assistant.

Most people feel about as enthusiastic about writing their resume as filling out their tax returns. When you realize that your resume, when done right, is your ticket to the job of your dreams it can motivate you to make the effort to get an effective resume.

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