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Resume Distribution

Resume Distribution

What is Resume Distribution?

Resume Distribution is an effective way to find a job. Put your resume in the hands of thousands of targeted recruiters and hiring companies that have current job openings. They are waiting for your resume now.

It s simple and easy. Even if you don t have a current resume, create one with our Resume writing service. Resume distribution proactively gets your resume in front of recruiters and direct hiring companies ... fast

Why should I distribute my resume?

By distributing your resume, you can market yourself to hundreds or even thousands of potential employers and recruiters in one day. This increases your chances of securing a job by reaching 80% more employers than just by searching on your own (i.e. newspapers, job boards, etc.)

What kind of response can I expect?

Responses vary based on you. That means that employers will see your resume and evaluate your resume based on their current needs at the time. Your skills, experience level, location, salary requirements, etc. will determine how big of a response you get.Keep in mind that you can contact the companies that receive your resume at a later date.

What makes Resumepooler.com different from other resume delivery services?

Unlike other service providers, we let you select exactly what industry, location, salary range and experience level you have. We send this information directly to the recruiters and employers that are interested in what you have selected. Your resume does not go into a database to sit and wait for recruiters and employers to come and find it.     

How will I be contacted by recruiters and employers?

Messages will be sent directly to your e-mail inbox from potential new employers. Other companies may call you directly to set up an interview.

How will I know that my resume has been ‘Delivered’?

A confirmation message will be sent to you after we ‘Deliver’ your resume. All resumes are ‘Delivered’ within 24 hours. Shortly thereafter, you will begin receiving responses from recruiter and employers in your e-mail inbox and some may even call you directly.

How can I keep my current employer from receiving my resume?

We offer a privacy delivery option that will allow you to de-select any recruiter or employer from the list that will receive your resume.

Am I required to send a cover letter?

You are not required to send a cover letter with your resume.We do, however, encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your image and elaborate on your skills to potential recruiters and employers.

How can I make changes to the information that I have entered?

Click on the link entitled “Job Seeker Login” in the Job Seeker section on the left navigation bar. Enter your user name and password, and you will see all of the information that you entered originally. Make any changes you wish and click the ‘Update Profile’ button.

My resume is in a Word Document, am I required sending it in text-only?

We do require you to send your resume in a text-only format. We require this since most employers do not want to receive an attachment because they are too large, and this is the most common way of transmitting a computer virus.? Some recruiters or employers may also use different software and , therefore, would not be able to read your Word Document.?

Why will I receive “undeliverables,” and what are they?

“Undeliverables” are returned e-mails which can occur for numerous reasons. From time to time, you will receive “undeliverables” when recruiter or employer inboxes are full, systems are down, frame relay issues, etc.

We are working hard to eliminate “undeliverables” for you, and request that you inform us by sending them back to us.

I still have questions, how can I contact you?

You can contact our support staff using the contact us link at the top of this page.
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