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The ideal job mentor?

The Mentorship Service is here to help students and skilled job seekers looking for meaningful work in the country. We train and recruit volunteer job mentors to support job seekers and share their experience of finding employment.

As a newly arrived job seekers, we want to help you become meaningfully employed, and contribute your skills and experience to the Indian workforce. 

Develop and follow a plan focused toward skilled employment. If students remain in the program they will receive:

  • Employment opportunities
  • Training in job searching skills and develop leadership skills Career path, employment opportunities in their desired sector.
  • Counselling and opportunities for various career paths.
These  various components explain how students benefit from the Job Mentor Program.

Our  Coordinators:

They plan and implement daily and weekly seminars with the students for the purpose of developing a healthy self-esteem and providing job preparation and leadership skills, career and post education information. 

Networking with existing community resources and information is utilized for the training and weekly seminars.


In addition, to the seminars the students receive hands on training through the leadership and committees available for all students in the program.

Job mentors can:

  • Support you one on-one with ideas and advice in your job search(though the main work is up to you).
  • Help you think about what volunteer work could be good for you.
  • They could help you with interview techniques and ideas for networking.
  • Help you understand more about work culture.
  • Help identify suitable jobs that are available in the current marketplace
  • Discuss with you how to apply for suitable roles by reading job descriptions carefully and
  • Meet with you regularly – e.g. every two weeks in our office or after work for one hour at a time.
  • Give you ongoing positive, moral support and motivation in your job search.

  • MENTORSHIP Job Placement service with a proven strategy